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A jacuzzi that isn’t working like it needs to can mess up even the best of days. There are so many components to a hot tub that a breakdown is bound to happen to even those of us who give it routine upkeep.

That’s where our experts come in. We concentrate on rapid jacuzzi repair and upkeep so you can enjoy the comfort, recuperation, and therapy that warm jetting water delivers.

Along with being reasonably-priced, our company is fully accredited and insured. Our specialists and repair people are experienced and specialists in handling spas and jetted hot tubs of all sizes and shapes.

If your jacuzzi is letting you down, give us a call right now for quick work, and devoted customer care throughout Oakland.

We cover Lyons, Oakridge, Belmont, Centralia, Geneva, Elizabeth, Fairburn, Middletown, Alameda, La Paloma, all of Hillsborough County and other nearby parts of Florida.

Our Oakland tub service

Our technicians deliver a wide range of services to keep your tub and its accessories in tip-top condition.

Detecting Lekas

When it concerns hot tubs, leaks can come about pretty much everywhere. Generally, they spring up within the hot tub, in the drainpipes, or at the pump (where they are normally smaller and not noticeable. Relinquishing water can be costly and discouraging. When leaks are present, the user needs to bring in additional water and, subsequently, more chemicals to keep proper chemical equilibrium. We can spot leaks from a mile away and repair them for good because our understanding and contemporary equipment.

Tune Ups & Inspections

As part of our assessment procedure we supply a thorough tune up. We recommend having a tune up done annually as a precautionary solution. As part of the tune up we clean the hot tub and filter (eliminate clogs if necessary), assure pH balance, inspect all mechanisms, heating units, pumps and electric components, and replace worn parts if needed. A tune up reduces the upkeep you will need to give your hot tub during the year.

Motors & Pumps

As we already pointed out, an average jacuzzi has a vast amount of parts that collaborate to deliver the amazing feeling of warm and comfortable jetted water. The motor or pump, for instance, helps circulate water needed for sanitation and filtering and heat circulation. If your pump isn't functioning or making squealing sounds, it's time for expert support from our group.

Plumbing & Pipes

High functioning pipelines are necessary to a well-tuned hot spa. The pipelines deliver clean water from inside your residence or commercial property to the jacuzzi to keep it refreshed. They are connected to hoses, valves, unions, manifolds and other pieces of equipment. In many ways, getting underneath a hot tub is kind of like raising a hood of a vehicle. If you don't know where to start, we can help. We repair damaged and blocked pipelines, hoses and valves in a blink of an eye.

Electronics & Controllers

If your controls breakdown, you're out of luck when it concerns turning on your jets, motor, and heater. Your hot tub is generally useless at that point other than if you're into relaxing in cool water. Electrical problems normally result from loose wires, a blown fuse or something more substantial. We will get to the root of the problem to offer low-cost repair work. We also service timers, lights, cover lifts, and additional add-ons.

Jet Maintenance

Without jets, a hot tub simply isn't the same. Yes, it's still hot, however it does not supply the same calming benefits. If your jetting is failing big time, we understand everything about motors, jet inserts, casing, and suctions to make prompt and budget-friendly repairs. We offer repair and replacement options that will have you all set to jump back right into the tub faster than you can say jacuzzi.

hot tub jet

Water Purifying

The benefits of a hot tub aren't as numerous when the water inside isn't healthy. We have the know-how to install a filtration unit that deodorizes the water with oxygen. The unit helps eliminate bacteria, mold and mildews, and viruses. It also offers the water more clearness, makes it feel smooth on your body, overcomes pH levels, reduces, gets rid of smells, and reduces red eyes and patching skin. Contact us to find out more.

Our other offerings

Besides the services mentioned previously, we also deliver:

  • Moving and set up
  • Washing and pH modification
  • Filter cleansing and installation
  • Chemical kits
  • Tub pillow installation
  • Cover repair
  • Controller upgrades
    Part repair

Why consider us?

When it concerns restoration service for jacuzzis in the Oakland, Florida community, we understand you have lots of companies to pick from. A couple of even have strong customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and Home Advisor. But they don’t match up to our staff. Look into us for the following factors:

We concentrate on jacuzzi repair and upkeep. That’s right. It’s not only something we do on the side. It’s our daily business, which means you’ll get top quality service.

Our prices are reasonably-priced (not cut-rate). Having a hot tub that does not perform is annoying enough. Paying out the nose to restore it is awful. We’ll keep cash in your purses with our reasonable costs.

Our costs are honest. With us, there are no covert costs and no tricks. Our estimates are accurate, and we never ever pressure you to utilize our assistance.

We’re fully accredited and insured. Past that, each of our employees have successfully passed intensive training and background examinations.

We’re pleasant. Soon after the task is accomplished, there’s a good chance you’ll want to share an adult drink and a handful of laughs with our amazing specialists.

Still not convinced? Phone us at your convenience to find out more about us and arrange a consultation.

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